Amy Forte

Amy Forte, CEO/Founder

Amy Forte has served in a variety of leadership roles in the automotive industry, making significant contributions in developing a multi-billion dollar supply chain to be among the most efficient in the world.

Overseeing financial and strategic plan development, she also led the organizational transition of a large and complex division of a leading automotive OE as the company undertook its historic merger and transformation to its new headquarters. Through this experience she formed a passion for Change Management and has made it a key objective to help other organizations navigate through challenging transitions.

She held leadership roles in procurement, logistics planning, warehouse operations, organizational development, new business development, environmental health and safety, and systems planning. She is a versatile leader and a visionary in developing several key supply chain management tools to support logistics data analytics, forecasting, workplace safety/ergonomics, and sales analytics. She develops organizations and people to grow and succeed in transitioning business environments.

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